Lithium/Solar Installs

Coach Building

We specialize in transforming buses into extraordinary motorcoaches. Blending the look and feel of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we work with our clients to create coaches that are stunning to look at, welcoming and comfortable to use, and built to last.

Upgrades & Remodeling

We take the same approach to remodeling that we apply to our full coach builds. Whether we are transforming a bathroom, updating batteries and electrical systems, or installing new audiovisual equipment, we design for beauty and utility, build with craftsmanship, and maintain a persistent focus on quality and function. Hightail coach upgrades are built to last.

Systems & Technology

The Hightail team is constantly working with industry leading coach systems and technology providers to ensure our buses roll out with capabilities that set the standard. We partner with industry leaders in batteries and electrical, HVAC, home automation, and audiovisual technologies to deliver amazing in-coach experiences.


Often a 60-year-old coach needs some TLC to make sure the chassis and bodywork operates, feels, and shines to the level of our Hightail coachwork. We can help. Hightail provides on-site repair and restoration services, as well as a trusted network of heavy-vehicle body, paint, chassis, and powertrain partners. 


"Created to be driven. Driven to create."