Flexible Bunks in the Flxible Coach

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Video segment on the specialty bunk setup in the 1952 Flxible. Special thanks to Andrew Steele for the video content. Check out RVing with Andrew Steele and the full video on his YouTube channel.

Video Transcript


Andrew: I mean these guys are really pros. You’re not gonna see any gaps here.

That’s all the stuff that I geek out on all the high-end coaches. So what’s going on in the back room here? You want to introduce your compadre?

Eric: Hi, my name is Eric.

Andrew: What’s going on man?

Eric: I am finishing up wiring the 110 outlets in our cubbies back here.

We have lights… we have reading lights. They fold out so right now just putting in a power source for when plugged in and everyone can keep their phones charged.

As you can see we have our our upper bunk tracks ready for ready for the bunks when they when they get finished and put in.

Andrew: So this is gonna be two bunks then back here. So you could sleep four back here?

Eric: Indeed, they have different three different positions. The low sleeping position as you can see by each one of these notches. And then they can be raised up and kept down to stay out of the way and provide more head room if you don’t have that many people traveling with you.

Or they can be put up into their second position and uses a stowaway for luggage. Or pretty much anything you want to keep out of your way while you’re in here.

Andrew:  This has got an egress door this is really a neat feature.

Aaron: Wow, there’s no emergency escape windows.

In this old bus so if you don’t have that. You gotta have egress.

Andrew: Yep absolutely.

Aaron: You gotta have a door on the driver’s side.

This is the bedroom area you know…like the sleeping quarters. What we have are we got two upper bunks and we got two lower bunks and the lower bunks can be either separated sleepers for two individuals, or they can come together to make a queen size-ish bed.

We wanted to come up with something that’s a little low-tech. Real simple you know and so what we came up. You’ll peel the back cushion off and pull these out they’re stowed in here…

Andrew: Easy peasy.

Aaron: So you got four of them and you put those across and you slide this cushion down and slide that one down and boom you got a bed.

Andrew: Nice!

Aaron: Real quick and easy you know. Not of lot of work and money spent you know. That done… that saves money for figuring out how to make adjustable bunk beds.

So he [customer] challenged us to come up with a way to give him vertical bunk beds and this is what we came up with. We’ve got four steel bed frames that have these spring loaded machine shafts. And you come up to the bed and you kind of move the handles in the middle like this and it pulls the pins back. Then you can travel up and the pin can pass through this is one of the bunk beds that go in the bedroom.

They go into the track this little shaft goes in the tracks got a little nylon sleeve and you can see that uh you actually send that forward so the nylon sleeve rides on the narrow part of the track and then when you get to the detent the track then the rest of the pin can fire forward. It’s spring loaded so it always wants to be heading out. We just figured out this little track here so you can go back and then down and back.

Andrew: Oh yeah look at that.

Aaron: Then it’s locked in. This would be so you can remove it.

So you can leave the pins on the back side out and you can recess these pins. They both lock in and then the front end of the bed swings down. You can release the back pins  and it’s just sitting on the lower bed.

So it can easily be pulled in and out of the bus. There’s no real disassembly required.

So you can see we got two positions in the back and three positions in the front and what that allows us to do is pivot it in the back up six inches and then in the front up six inches to just lift the whole bed parallel six inches up.

And you can like throw luggage on it or whatever. But if you want it out of the way you can click the front end loose and pin it all the way to the ceiling. That just tucks these bunk beds all the way up against the ceiling gets them out of the way. 

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