Custom Built Cabinetry & Grain Matching

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Video segment focusing on cabinetry and effort given to fit and finish quality. Special thanks to Andrew Steele for the video content. Check out RVing with Andrew Steele and the full video on his YouTube channel.

Video Transcript


Andrew:  You can really see the craftsmanship here and then the woodwork as well.

I can tell you guys are not cutting corners. You want to tell us a little bit what you’re doing with it.

Aaron: They’re plywood substrate cabinets with a veneer. The veneer we chose is rift sawn walnut. So I don’t know how familiar with milling but you know you can take a log, you could just slice it right through. That’s what we would call like a radial sawn or a flat sawn milling and that gives you kind of the wood cathedrals that people usuallyassociate with wood.

This is rift sawn which means it was cut perpendicular to the grain so you don’t see any of those cathedrals. In it what you see are kind of the severed edges of the grain and that’s why this is so linear throughout…everywhere and that was why we chose it because we wanted to play with grain direction.

And we wanted something that wouldn’t overpower you but would still cap capture your interest when you noticed it.

So you know we’ve got a lot of places throughout the bus where the grain’s going one way and then it’s going another way you know.

Aaron: And then the hardware yacht style hardware.

And we fit all of our doors before we veneer and that allows us to to match the grain through the doors.

Look at that around the frame. This is where it’s really artwork here ladies and gentlemen. This is another level of craftsmanship… full-on.

Andrew: You know the top. I mean look at this look at how that grain lines up. I’m a detail guy so i geek out. Some people may not ever notice that but if you’re like me and you geek out on all the little [details]. You got to be almost OCD to appreciate something like this.

Aaron: Like I tell people I remember being a kid and looking at wooden tables and watching the grain get to the end of the table and then change and go down the edge of the table. And then I’d look underneath to see it go the other way. I don’t know why i just as it was a weirdo. But if you like those kinds of details, you’ll like this. When we bought the veneer we we ordered sequenced sheets which means you know. Okay we want 20 sheets. We want all 20 of those to look as to be sequenced from the logs they were cut from. So that they are as similar as possible to one another.

And then when we got those sheets in we laid them out and we matched each you know we made matching pairs. So all the way throughout the bus if you look at the back wall that wall veneer matches that wall veneer. This wall veneer matches this wall veneer.

I guess on the inside of the bedroom walls we did the same thing. So yeah we were always looking for little opportunities to to do things…like that you know like I like to reward people that are looking for things like that.

You know what I mean.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Aaron: Like you go through life looking for those little details and they kind of always disappoint you. It’s like well if you come in this bus you’ll be rewarded for that.

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